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Top 40 Insurers: Premium Finance 2015

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Premium Finance
Top 40 Insurers: Premium Finance
Total Top 40 Premium Finance Companies2,435,182,40893.22%
All Other Premium Finance Companies177,112,328
Total Premium Financed2,612,294,736
IPFS dba Premium Financing Specialists Corp.1608,019,76023.28%
First Insurance Funding Corp.2317,477,70512.15%
Aon Premium Finance LLC3229,570,9528.79%
Premium Assignment Corporation4173,065,9136.63%
AFCO Premium Credit LLC5168,570,3466.45%
Talbot Premium Financing, LLC6151,823,7715.81%
Prime Rate Premium Finance Corporation, Inc.780,615,6073.09%
AFCO Credit Corporation873,442,5752.81%
AFS/IBEX Financial Services, Inc.965,926,4462.52%
Camden Premium Finance, LLC1056,697,3612.17%
Meridian Credit Services, Inc.1156,199,8072.15%
Capital Premium Financing, Inc.1254,778,0682.10%
CAA Premium Finance Company, L.L.C.1353,141,9902.03%
Inserve, Inc.1429,424,1731.13%
Premium Funding Associates, Inc.1525,911,3300.99%
Banner Premium Finance, Inc.1624,993,4430.96%
Impact Finance Corporation1724,130,2360.92%
Insurors Group, L.L.C.1823,866,6290.91%
Wellington Premium Finance, Inc.1921,543,7410.82%
The Brand Baking Company2019,211,1120.74%
Ideal Premium Finance, Inc.2116,352,5010.63%
Goto Premium Finance.Com, LLC2214,846,4600.57%
Western Commerce Bank2314,001,1700.54%
Pronote, Inc.2411,731,4380.45%
Affirmative Premium Finance, Inc.2510,835,7410.41%
Associated Acceptance, Inc.269,374,3930.36%
General Agents Acceptance Corporation279,274,3250.36%
CAC Acceptance Corporation289,049,7240.35%
Insurance Credit Corp.298,309,4660.32%
Texas Farm Bureau Premium Finance Company307,827,3630.30%
SBRJ WM, LTD.317,717,3960.30%
Combined Group Insurance Services, Inc.327,429,7030.28%
Premium Convenience Services, Inc.337,398,0050.28%
Rust-Ewing Financial Services, Inc.346,492,9210.25%
Insurance Finance Corporation356,489,0390.25%
Houston Premium Finance Corporation366,267,9470.24%
Custom Premium Finance, L.L.C.376,058,7710.23%
PIN Finance, LLC385,994,1090.23%
Dallas National Insurance Company395,748,5590.22%
Heritage Premium Assignment Company405,572,4120.21%

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