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Top 40 Insurers: Homeowners 2015

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Home Insurance
Top 40 Insurers: Homeowners
Total Top 40 Homeowners Premium5,791,202,34291.24%
All Other Homeowners Premium556,354,5208.76%
Total Homeowners Premium6,347,556,86100.00%
43419State Farm Lloyds11,718,809,63227.08%
21695Texas Farmers Insurance Company2574,690,7149.05%
26530Allstate Texas Lloyd's3443,608,1976.99%
11120USAA Texas Lloyd's Company4291,540,6224.59%
25941United Services Automobile Association5263,362,7014.15%
29688Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company6242,818,6813.83%
11215Safeco Insurance Company of Indiana7209,823,3413.31%
41564Travelers Lloyds of Texas Insurance Company8159,852,3282.52%
11059ASI Lloyds9143,322,2082.26%
27774Chubb Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas10127,578,7552.01%
42404Liberty Insurance Corporation11118,095,3531.86%
27998Travelers Home and Marine Insurance Company, The12113,716,9481.79%
25380Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company13106,928,7441.68%
41688Foremost Lloyds of Texas14105,339,3241.66%
37877Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Company15100,716,0911.59%
10896Amica Lloyd's of Texas1674,014,3821.17%
25399Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters1773,882,6091.16%
11543Texas Fair Plan Association1872,202,2031.14%
13938Metropolitan Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas1969,052,7181.09%
11008Auto Club Indemnity Company2068,395,6571.08%
42110Nationwide Lloyds2162,097,0870.98%
15474National Lloyds Insurance Company2257,288,7450.90%
11041Liberty Lloyds of Texas Insurance Company2349,553,7490.78%
21652Farmers Insurance Exchange2445,183,9870.71%
12536Homeowners of America Insurance Company2541,394,4950.65%
22608National Specialty Insurance Company2640,946,2800.65%
25127State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Company2740,395,4460.64%
11578Cypress Texas Lloyds2839,980,0590.63%
34690Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford  2939,311,1010.62%
23035Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company3038,408,7390.61%
19208Republic Lloyds3137,346,1830.59%
10759Universal North America Insurance Company3234,031,5820.54%
23760Nationwide General Insurance Company3327,567,7710.43%
20230Central Mutual Insurance Company3427,545,3390.43%
11000Sentinel Insurance Company, Ltd.3524,169,5070.38%
22390Wellington Insurance Company3624,156,0630.38%
40703Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Company3721,463,0770.34%
19232Allstate Insurance Company3821,042,9350.33%
21881National Surety Corporation3920,907,8620.33%
44369Imperial Fire and Casualty Insurance Company4020,661,1270.33%

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