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Why Should I Choose E-currency

Saturday, January 4, 2014

In the age of the Internet, we are trading more and more globally. Not only do we have a more global currency need today but we require a secure e-currency environment in which to carry out transactions. With fraud on the rise there is a real need of something that is both easy to use and secure.

Choosing e-currency with us allows you to send cash and receive money online. This virtual currency has the same value as your regular currency but is tailored for a range of online transactions.

EgoPay is not only a secure payment gateway but is also low cost, which has full customer support. This allows you to receive money quickly and easily as well as that support when you need it the most.

Its low commission rate makes it is an effective tool to make money online. You can also use this service to send money to friends and family overseas as well as purchasing goods and services and receiving money over the internet being particularly suited for international transactions.

EgoPay is registered in Belize and utilizes advanced 256 bit SSL encryption for your security and peace of mind, you know your money is safe with us when you send cash. It is also backed by a support ticket system as well as live support.

It is free to open a new account, anyone over the age of 18 can register with us. It is possible to have multiple accounts too, although you can only register one account per email.

To speed up the process we don't need to verify any details during the application process. So you get set up and start sending and receiving e-currency quickly and simply. You can literally be up and running within minutes, unlike some payment systems which can take days.

Also the transfer of funds from one EgoPay account to another is instant, so there is no waiting for funds to clear. You will be able to access your account with your simple to use EgoPay wallet, having full access to your account whenever you need it.

What is EgoPay?

EgoPay is an e-currency, which is an electronic form of payment that you can use to instantly pay for services and goods online. This means your wont have to provide your sensitive credit card or bank details to unknown sellers or individuals when you want to purchase items locally or across borders. EgoPay fees are very competitive and contrary many other services, we do not ask for you to provide any personal identification.

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