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Very Useful Tips On How You Should Hire Employees

Friday, August 23, 2013

There is no doubt that the process of hiring employees is a very time-consuming and incredibly difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, it is also one of the most important aspects of running a company. The choice of who will be part of your staff is something that can have a significant effect on how successful your company is eventually. This is why human resource departments exist, and the reason why this part of an organization has got the resources and the means to choose the perfect applicants who will perfectly fit in the company’s system. Below are some of the more important considerations companies should make whenever hiring an employee or employees.

Avoid Conducting Interviews on Your Own

The truth is, interviews usually suck. You will come across people who would bluff their way to job interviews without actually possessing the appropriate skills and knowledge needed on the position they are applying for. There are those who would also give you references who simply exaggerate the competency of the applicant.

If you are hiring for a position that is not your expertise, you must get someone to hold the interview with you. Ask a friend with such expertise or anyone who you think has the best understanding of all the aspects of the position to be filled in.

Hiring for a Trial Period Is Always Beneficial

A trial period of 30 days is a great way for you to gauge how well your newly-hired will fit in your system and the workplace. See to it that you also include this in the employment contract the human resources department will prepare. Of course you wouldn’t want to be held liable for firing an employee only 30 days after you hired them.

If you see that this person is not really working out, do not hesitate to cut them out. Keep in mind that there is always someone better out there waiting for the chance to work for you.

Hiring a Family Member is not a Good Idea

More often than not, hiring someone from your own family results in a disaster. There are several explanations for this. For one, it would be really hard to fire them even if they obviously stink at their job. Another is that there is always a possibility that the drama in your own family will come out. This is something you will never want your other employees to hear or even know.

Don’t Hire a Person Out of Pity

During a job interview, you will likely hear some applicants talking about how desperate they are to find a job. They may even tell you how long they have been unemployed and that they may lose their home if they can’t get a job soon. This is an old trick that you should be aware of. In the first place, professionals apply for jobs that they think they are qualified for. You should always use competency as your basis of hiring someone. If you get carried away by the feeling of pity, you will eventually regret this decision.

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