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How Verified Liability Insurance Attracts Contractors

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If you are a small information technology (IT) business and finding it hard to get contractors to work with your company, maybe you are overlooking the importance of verified liability insurance. Having business insurance can really add a level of professionalism and ease tension when getting work from outside contractors.

Let Them Know You Trust Their Abilities

Let's face it, no one wants to work for a small IT company if they don't respect their workers and offer coverage in dangerous or risky situations. Professional liability insurance makes contractors more comfortable because their skills are backed up by your company's coverage. You basically instill confidence in contractors when you offer professional liability insurance.

Have Control of Any Detrimental Situation

In addition, if you hire a contractor, you both want to make sure things run smoothly. If something goes wrong, though, you want things to be under control. If the contractor looses client information or data, doesn't show up, or there's a system failure, your professional liability insurance will put all three parties (you, the contractor, and the client) at ease. It's the perfect solution.

Verified Liability Insurance Eases Contractors By:

o Instilling confidence in their work

o Protecting them and you from injury or unsatisfactory service/product

o Adding comfort for all parties involved

o Building stronger trust between you and the contractor

o Ensuring the project will run smoothly

o Proving that your business is professional

Overview of General Liability Insurance

Most companies will find a general liability insurance package that lines up with their business operations. If you are a small IT business without many risky scenarios, general liability insurance is probably a great money-saving option. It will cover most accidents and, most importantly, cover destruction or theft to your computer's software and hardware. General liability insurance covers almost everything related to bodily injury, property damage, products-completed operations, fire or explosion damage, and legal defense costs. There are also a ton of other options that usually come with general liability insurance.

Add Professional Liability Insurance to the Mix

While general liability insurance covers mostly physical damage or injury, professional liability insurance will cover you if a client claims financial loss due to your service or product. This is extremely important for your business if you are contracting work out. You never know when a little slip up will cause a catastrophe for your client. Get assistance from a professional broker to find a good insurance rate for your specific business. There are a wide range of options, so invest your time and money in finding the appropriate professional liability insurance to suit your specific needs.

Show Off Your Business's Professionalism

A sense of professionalism really adds trust and will make your relationship with the contractor much stronger. Business insurance really proves that you are an honest business owner. If you can prove to contractors that you mean business and want to make sure all parties are covered in messy situations, they will be much more willing to work with you.

Make Negotiations Run Smoothly

Negotiations will also move along much quicker without conflict. There's nothing worse than getting close to an agreement and then it falling through at the last minute, leaving you without a contractor. With liability insurance backing you up, it's much more likely that you will reach an easy agreement with the contractor.

So start building your contractor relationships today and find insurance that will suit you and your company.


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